Russian 25 rubles banknote printed by American Bank Note Company, 1918.

Russia 25 rubles banknote American Banknote Company World currency Paper Money
Russian 25 rubles banknote
Russia 25 rubles American Bank Note Company world banknotes money currency images
Russian banknote of 25 rubles
World Paper Money - Russian 25 roubles banknote of 1918.
Banknotes of Russia printed by American Bank Note Company, 1918

Obverse: Allegory of Commerce - Beautiful young woman with her elbow on a shield featuring the state emblem of Russian Provisional Government - two-headed eagle without crowns. The background behind the woman has the masts of two ships at a dock.
Reverse: The state emblem of Russian Provisional Government - two-headed eagle without crowns and Tauride Palace.
Tauride Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia - seat of the first Russian parliament, the Imperial State Duma. Immediately after the February Revolution of 1917 in the Tauride Palace housed the Russian Provisional Government.

The 25 Ruble banknote, like the 100 Ruble note released the same year, was designed by the American Bank Note Company which was headquartered in New York at the time.
After the Provisional Government issued the 20, 40, 250, and 1000 Ruble notes of 1917, the government began work on developing more standardized, more typical notes for itself that resembled the banknotes that were used by other countries. At that point, it contracted with the American Bank Note Company to produce its new notes.
At the time, the American Bank Note Company was the largest engraver of national currency and postage stamps in the world. In the past, it had already produced banknotes for countries like the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic, among many others. Once it contracted with the Provisional Government, the American Bank Note Company created designs for a 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1000 Ruble notes that all had standard designs. The engraving and printing was planned to take place in 1918 and 1919.
However, only the 25 Ruble note seen above and the 100 Ruble note of 1918 were put into circulation. Although the American Bank Note Company was in the process of creating the other denominations, the October Revolution in 1917 overthrew the Provisional Government. Because of the Revolution, only the 25 Ruble and 100 Ruble denomination notes were left as remnants of the Provisional Government's attempt to print new banknotes - the other designs and denominations were left in the archives of the American Bank Note Company and stayed as un-issued specimens that are considered very rare to this date. These specimens can be purchased in high-end auctions, but are very expensive.

The 25 Ruble note was also used in the Priamur Region of Siberia at least through the years 1918-1920. However, the back side of these Priamur notes have a large red design stamped across the whole note that attributes and restricts it to the Priamur Region.