Russia 100 Rubles banknote of 1918, printed by American Bank Note Company.

Russia 100 Rubles banknote Рублей American Bank Note Company World Paper Money
100 Rubles - Сто рублей
Russia 100 Rubles banknote American Bank Note Company Рублей World Paper Money currency images
Russian 100 Rubles banknote
World Paper Money - Russian 100 Rubles banknote of 1918.
Banknotes of Russia printed by American Bank Note Company, 1918

Obverse: Ceres as an allegory of agriculture.
Reverse: The state emblem of Russian Provisional Government - two-headed eagle without crowns and Tauride Palace.
Tauride Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia - seat of the first Russian parliament, the Imperial State Duma. Immediately after the February Revolution of 1917 in the Tauride Palace housed the Russian Provisional Government.