Honduras currency 2 Honduran Lempiras banknote 1932 Banco Atlantida

Honduras currency paper money banknotes 2 Lempiras banknote Atlantida
 Honduras banknotes 2 Lempiras bank note - El Banco Atlantida 
Honduras early currency bank notes 2 Lempiras Banco Atlantida
Billetes de HondurasBanco Atlantida
Honduras early currency 2 Lempiras banknote issued by the El Banco Atlantida.
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Obverse: Allegorical woman holding sword and shield protected child.
Reverse: Banco Atlantida Building in La Ceiba, Honduras.
Printed by American Bank Note Company, New York.

Honduras banknotes - Honduras paper money
Honduran lempira, 1932-1945 issue

1 Lempira      2 Lempiras      5 Lempiras      10 Lempiras      20 Lempiras

History of Banco Atlantida and its first banknotes
In 1889, the young Salvador D'Antoni on behalf of his father and partner Joseph Vaccaro reached the Bay Islands to stock up on fruits and sell them in the markets of New Orleans, soon wanted to try his luck with the banana and began to market it, this left as good profits they decided to move to La Ceiba to secure the power supply of bananas. They reached the Ceiba and settled in Salado Barra where in 1901 they founded the "Vaccaro Brothers & Company" which then become the Standard Fruit Company.
Because at that time there was only one commercial bank in the country called Aguan Navigation and Improvement Company based in Tegucigalpa, Vaccaro-D'Antoni partners saw the need for a bank in the north. Thus as a February 10, 1913 founded Banco Atlantida in the city of La Ceiba, which they christened with that name in honor of the department of Atlantida.
The Bank began operations with a Lempiras capaital of 1,000.000.00 divided into 5,000 shares under the laws in effect at that time and soon the Government appointed him the official issuing the new currency of the country and gave the authorization to issue their own banknotes.
In 1913 the Bank issued its first Banco Atlantida banknotes called "Pesos" which caused great admiration among the population because they were very stylish and original designs, the Peso remained until 1931, the year that Congress established the "Lempira" as official currency country.
Banco Atlantida continued to issue their own banknotes until 1950, which was founded by the Central Bank of Honduras and in January 1954 the bank's main office was moved to the city of Tegucigalpa.
Currently the Banco Atlantida is one of the most important and prestigious banking institutions in the country. It has coverage throughout the country, with more than 270 service centers and offices in all 18 departments.