Honduras banknotes 1 Honduran Lempira banknote 1932 Banco Atlantida

Honduras currency Lempira banknotes Banco Atlantida
Honduran Lempira bank note, Banco Atlantida
Honduras paper money Lempira banknote bill
Honduran Lempira - Lempira Hondureña
Currency of Honduras Lempira banknote of 1932, issued by the El Banco Atlantida.
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Obverse: Allegory of Hope at center.
Reverse: Coat of arms of Honduras.
Printed by American Bank Note Company, New York.

Banknotes of private banks in Honduras - "Banco Atlantida, oldest Bank in the Honduras, founded in 1913 "
In the early twentieth century the state of Honduras offered concessions to U.S. companies that engaged in banana cultivation in the department of Atlantida such as the Vaccaro Brothers' Standard Fruit Company from New Orleans., which later became the owner of the Atlantis Bank. This bank was headquartered in the city of La Ceiba and began issuing their own banknotes since 1913, which in the beginning was called peso. The Banco Atlantida SA was founded in 1913. The government initially authorize the Atlantis Bank as official issuer of the Honduras currency. Before 1930, the currency was the peso. In 1931 Congress established Lempira as the official currency of Honduras.

Honduras banknotes - Honduras paper money
Honduran lempira, 1932-1945 issue

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