Great Britain banknotes £5 British Pounds banknote 1957 Helmeted Britannia

Helmeted Britannia 5 British Pounds banknote currency, Paper Money GREAT BRITAIN
British banknotes Helmeted Britannia £5 banknote
British 5 Pounds currency Paper Money British Lion
Bank of England banknote 5 Pound note
Great Britain Currency £5 British pounds banknote 1957 Helmeted Britannia
signed by L. K. O'Brien, issued by the Bank of England
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Obverse: Blue and multicolor. Helmeted Britannia head at left, St. George and dragon at lower center. Signature L.K. O'Brien.
Reverse: British Lion holding a chained double sided key depicting the strength of the Britain's economy - standing left. Denomination £5 in blue print on back.

Date first issued: 21 February 1957
Date last issued: 1963
Date ceased to be legal tender: 27 June 1967
Colour: Blue.
Size: 6 1/4" x 3 1/2" (158 mm x 90 mm)
Design: Stephen Gooden.


Only one note in this series was ever issued - the £5, designed was by Stephen Gooden. This was issued in February 1957 and known as the Series B or Helmeted Britannia. Designs were produced for the 10/- and £1 notes but Gooden died before he could produce a design for the new £10 note. In 1956 the Queen consented to have her portrait appear on Bank of England notes and the 10/- and £1 notes were never issued. A slight variation in the design appears as the denomination being denoted by a white symbol on the reverse rather than a blue symbol.

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