Afghanistan banknotes 50 Afghanis note 1939 King Mohammed Zahir Shah

Afghanistan banknotes paper money 50 Afghanis King Mohammad Zahir Shah
 Afghanistan banknotes 50 Afghanis banknote, King Muhammad Zahir Shah
Afghanistan banknotes 50 Afghanis bill
 Afghanistan bank notes 50 Afghanis 
Afghanistan banknotes 50 Afghanis note 1939, issued by the Central Bank of Afghanistan - Da Afghanistan Bank.
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Obverse: Portrait of King Muhammad Zahir Shah in military uniform.
Reverse: Afghan-Anglo War Independence Memorial Obelisk in Kabul.
Watermark: Effigy of Mohammed Zahir Shah in profile.
Printer: Bradbury Wilkinson & Co. Ltd., Surrey, England.

Afghanistan banknotes - Afghani currency
SH 1318 & 1325 (1939 & 1946) "King Mohammed Zahir Shah" Issue

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