Lithuania money 500 Litu banknote of 1924

Lithuania 500 Litu banknote money currency Lithuanian Litas
500 Lithuanian Litas banknote
Lithuania 500 Litu bank note paper money
Lithuania 500 Litu banknote of 1924
Bank of Lithuania - Lietuvos Bankas

Obverse: Face value in ornate guilloche at left and right.
Reverse: The reverse of the note features the coats-of-arms of Lithuania’s three major cities: Kaunas, Vilnius, and Klaipeda. As an assertion of territorial and national integrity, Lithuania made several references to Polish-occupied Vilnius on its banknotes. On the left the arms of Kaunas depicts a wild ox with a cross between its horns. The arms of Vilnius depicts St. Christopher carrying the baby Jesus. The arms of Klaipeda, known as Memel in German, depicts a fortified castle with a small boat resting in the water below.
The note is decorated throughout with various Lithuanian folk motifs.
Design by Vilius Jomantas.

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1927-1928 Issue

10 Litu      50 Litu      100 Litu

1924 Issue

500 Litu         1000 Litu

1929-1930 "500 Years Vytautas the Great" Commemorative Issues

5 Litai         20 Litu