Burmese banknotes 10 Rupees banknote of 1938 King George VI

Burma 10 Rupees banknote King George VI
Burma 10 Rupees banknote, King George VI 
Burma 10 Rupees paper money
Burma 10 Rupees banknote of 1938, issued by the Reserve Bank of India

The Burmese rupee was the currency of Burma between 1852 and 1952.
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This 10 Rupees banknote 146 x 84 mm was multi-colored, but predominately green. On the obverse the note issuer “Reserve Bank of India” is at the top center. The portrait of King George VI in profile is in a panel at the right. “I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of ten rupees at any office of issue in Burma” is printed at the center. The main illustration of tall palm trees, an ox cart, and a farmer plowing with his oxen is at the center. Watermark for this note are the profile portrait of King George VI to right at the window at left, and ten rupees / reserve bank / of / india / ten rupees in five lines.
The serial number with prefix code A is underneath the main illustration. The signature of J. B. Taylor, Governor, for the Reserve Bank of India appears at bottom left with the monetary value description ten rupees as underprint. The numeral value of banknote displays at the top right corner in Burmese, in English at top left and lower right corners.
The reverse is also green. The value of the banknote is written in Burmese script “ngwe dinga ta se” and in Shan script “ngeun khan neung” signifying silver ten pieces in the left panel. An illustration of sailing boats is at the center. Underneath the main illustration is the banknote issuer, Reserve Bank of India. This banknote also has the country’s name on the original design. The profile portrait of King George VI to left appears as watermark at the window at right. The numeral value of banknote displays in Burmese at the bottom right corner. This note was issued on June 1938 and demonetized on June 1, 1950.

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Banknotes of India for Burma (1938-1939) "King George VI" Issue

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