Bulgaria banknotes 250 Leva banknote of 1942 Tsar Simeon II

World money Bulgaria banknotes 250 Leva bank note Tsar Simeon
 Bulgaria 250 Leva banknote, Tsar Simeon II
Bulgaria paper money 250 Leva bank note bill
Bulgarian paper money 250 Leva banknote of 1942
Bulgaria 250 Leva banknote of 1942 Tsar Simeon II
Bulgarian National Bank - Българска народна банка - Banque nationale de Bulgarie
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Obverse: the coat of arms on the right and the picture of Tsar Simeon II on the left;
Reverse: a fragment from the picture “Ploughman“ by Yaroslav Veshin in the middle.
In circulation from May 1944 to 16 March 1947.
background color – green
Size: 145 x 78 mm, horizontal
Watermark: thickened parts in the paper visible in the white frame
Printed by Reichsdruckerei, Berlin, Germany.

Bulgarian banknotes - Bulgaria paper money
Tsar Simeon II 1943 Issue

20 Leva    200 Leva    250 Leva    500 Leva    1000 Leva