Belgian banknotes 100 Francs banknote 1947 King Leopold I of Belgium

Belgium 100 Francs banknote
Belgium 100 Francs banknote
World Currency Belgium 100 Francs
 Belgium 100 Francs bank note 
Belgium 100 Francs banknote of 1947, issued by the Banque Nationale de Belgique - Nationale Bank van Belgie - 100 Francs / Frank (03.01.1945 - 31.12.1950 issues)
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Obverse: Portrait of King Leopold I of Belgium, along with a view of the Place Royale in Brussels, where the first King of the Belgians was sworn in on 21 July 1831 also Palace of Justice and the Church of Saint Jacques-sur-Coudenberg in the background.
Reverse: Equestrian Portrait of King Leopold I - The Joyeuse Entrée – the Joyous Entry of the King into Brussels.

At that time, the writing on banknotes was in two languages: French on the front, Dutch on the back.
Watermark: Portrait of King Leopold I.
Prevailing colour - Yellow, vermilion, dark green, black and brown; Format 85 x 160 mm.
Graphic artist - J. Vanpaemel; Engravers - G. Regnier.
 Signatures: Governor - Maurice Frere (signed notes 07/11/1944 - 08/08/1957), Treasurer - Georges Pirsoul (signed notes 15/03/1947 - 30/06/1953).

Belgian banknotes - Belgium paper money
1944-1948 Dynasty series

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