Costa Rica 2 Colones banknote 1967

Costa Rica currency paper money 2 Colones Joaquín Bernardo Calvo Rosales
Costa Rican colón
Costa Rica 2 Colones banknote
Dos Colones
Costa Rica Banknotes 2 Colones bank note 1967 issued by the 
Banco Central de Costa Rica

Obverse: Portrait of Joaquín Bernardo Calvo Rosales flanked by "2" counters.
Reverse: View of the fountain at Plaza in San Jose, Costa Rica flanked by "2" counters.
Printed by American Bank Note Company, New York.

Costa Rica Banknotes - Costa Rica Paper Money
Banco Central de Costa Rica 1950-1967 "Provisional Overprint" Issue

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Joaquín Bernardo Calvo Rosales
Joaquín Bernardo Calvo Rosales (1799 - 1865) Joaquin Bernardo Calvo Rosales was a Costa Rican politician, born in Cartago, Costa Rica, in 1799. His first wife was Juana Vicenta Fernandez y Quirós and he remarried to Salvadora Mora y Perez.
He studied in Cartago with Rafael Francisco Osejo.
He was interim General Minister of Costa Rica 1827 to 1835 and Political Head of the Eastern Department in 1835. For his participation in the War of Liga (civil war of 1835) he was for a time exiled in Nicaragua. Later he was Magistrate of the Court of appeal, Minister of Property and War, Minister of Interior and Exterior Relations, Minister of Exterior Relations and Ecclesiastic Businesses, Minister of Interior and annexed portfolios and President of the Senate and the Legislative Body. As Chancellor, he signed in 1856 the Calvo treaty, the first bordering agreement between Costa Rica and Colombia.
He died in San José, Costa Rica, in 1865.
His son Joaquín Bernardo Calvo Mora was, for many years, Minister Plenipotentiary of Costa Rica in Washington, D.C.