Ireland Currency 10 Pounds banknote of 1998.

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Currency of Ireland 10 Pounds
Ireland 10 Pounds banknote
 Central Bank of Ireland £10 Ten Pounds 
Currency of Ireland - 10 Pounds banknote, Central Bank of Ireland 1993 -1999 issue, Series C Banknotes.

Obverse: Aerial view of Dublin Dublin and Wicklow, particularly Dublin Bay at center, James Joyce Irish novelist and poet at right.
The back of the note features one of the heads on The Custom House, Dublin by Edward Smyth. The head is one of fourteen and believed to represent the River Liffey. A nineteenth century map and part of "Finnegans Wake" also feature.

Irish paper money - Series C Banknotes

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The Series C Banknotes of the Republic of Ireland were the final series of notes created for the state before the advent of the euro; it replaced Series B Banknotes. The series gradually entered circulation from 1992 and remained in circulation until 2002.
Ireland was one of the first countries to qualify to join the "Euro-Zone".
The Irish pound was replaced by Euro € on 1 January 2002, €1 Euro = £0.787564 Irish pound.