Russia 100 Rubles banknote 1898 Empress Catherine II

Russia 100 Rubles banknote 1898 Empress Catherine II
Russia State Credit Note 100 Rubles banknote 1898
Russia State Credit Note 100 Rubles banknote 1898 Empress Catherine II

Obverse: Portrait of Catherine II (1729 – 1796), also known as Catherine the Great, born Princess Sophie of Anhalt-Zerbst, was Empress of Russia from 1762 until 1796, the country's longest-ruling female leader. Around the portrait is written the inscriptions of full name and titles of the Empress: "ЕКАТЕРИНА II ИМПЕРАТРИЦА И САМОДЕРЖИЦА ВСЕРОССIЙСКАЯ". (Catherine II, Empress and Autocrat of all Russia). Two guilloche rosettes with the face value "100" at lower left and the word "СТО" (ONE HUNDRED) at center.
  On the obverse is the text against the background of the arabic numeral "100": «ГОСУДАРСТВЕННЫЙ КРЕДИТНЫЙ БИЛЕТЪ. СТО РУБЛЕЙ. Государственный Банкъ размѣниваетъ кредитные билеты на золотую монету безъ ограниченія суммы (1 рубль = 1/15 имперіала, содержитъ 17,424 долей чистаго золота)». (STATE CREDIT NOTE. ONE HUNDRED RUBLES. The State Bank exchanges state credit notes for gold coin without restrictions as to the total value (1 rouble = 1/15 Imperial, equals 17,424 dols of pure gold).  (dols; dolia = 44.435 mg)).
  Signatures of the Governor of State Bank - Aleksey Vladimirovich Konshin and one of the cashiers - Morozov.

On the right side of the banknote are Imperial Coat of Arms of the Russian Empire, 1883 - Imperial Double-Headed Eagle above the relief panel with Russian (cyrillic) text: "Extract from the Highest Manifesto of 14 November 1897, relating to the issue of state credit notes" and the date of issue "1898".

1. Размѣнъ государственныхъ кредитныхъ билетовъ на золотую монету обезпечивается  всѣмъ достояніемъ Государства.
2. Государственные кредитные билеты имѣютъ хожденіе во всей Имперіи наравнѣ съ золотою монетою.
3. За поддѣлку кредитныхъ билетовъ виновные подвергаются лишенію всѣхъ правъ состоянія и ссылкѣ въ каторжную работу.

1. The exchange of State Credit Notes for gold coin is guaranteed by the the whole property of the state.
2. State Credit Notes circulate in the whole Empire on par with gold coin.
3. Punishment for Forgery of the State Credit Notes the person who's guilty will be deprived of all property rights and is sent to hard labour.

Reverse: In the center of the banknote depicted the Imperial Coat of Arms of the Russian Empire flanked by the numerals 100 and the words “РУБЛЕЙ” (RUBLES) and the abbreviation «Г. К. Б.» (Государственный Кредитный Билет - State Credit Note) at top and the face value in words "СТО" (ONE HUNDRED) at lower center.

Withdrawn from circulation: Issued until 1910. Formally in circulation until October 1, 1922, according to the Decree of the Council of People's Commissars of September 8, 1922, they lost their payment power.
Printer: Expedition for the Preparation of Government Papers [EZGB] – at present Goznak.
Size: 260 х 122 mm.
Watermark: Portrait of Catherine II.