Russia 100 Rubles banknote 1843

Russia State Credit Note 100 Rubles banknote 1843Russia 100 Rubles banknote 1843 Double-headed Imperial Eagle

Russia 100 Rubles banknote 1843
Russia State Credit Note

Obverse: In the upper part of the banknote depicted the State Emblem of Russia in the form of an double-headed crowned imperial eagle.
  On the obverse is the text: «Государственный кредитный билет. По предъявлении сего билета немедленно выдается из разменных Касс Экспедиции Кредитных билетов сто рублей серебряною или золотою монетою». (State Credit Note. Payable immediately to the bearer of this Note from the currency exchange offices of Expedition of the State Credit Notes the one hundred rubles in silver or gold coins).
  Signatures of the governor of Fedor Lavrentevich Khalchinskij, Director of State Bank and one of the cashiers.

Reverse: Russian Imperial Double-Headed Eagle at center. (The second type of the Coat of Arms of the Russian Empire 1830, adopted during the rign of Emperor Nicholas I). "Extract from the Highest Manifesto of 1 June 1843, relating to the issue of state credit notes"

Russia 100 Rubles banknote 1843Russia paper money 100 Rubles note 1843