Congo Democratic Republic 200 Congolese francs banknote 2007

200 Congolese francs
Congo Democratic Republic 200 Congolese francs banknote 2007

Congo Democratic Republic 200 Congolese francs banknote 2007
Central Bank of the Congo - Banque Centrale du Congo

Obverse: Male fieldworker. Allegorical female sculpture "Agriculture"; Monogram of the Central Bank of Congo at center.
Reverse: Four men beating two large Bombo log drums.
Watermark: Single Okapi head or multiple Okapi heads repeated vertically.
Predominant colour: Lilac and olive green on multicolored underprint.
Printer: Giesecke & Devrient, M√ľnich, Germany.
Date of Issue: 31 July 2007.
Dimensions: 151 x 70 mm.

Signature of Jean-Claude Masangu Mulongo (as LE GOUVERNEUR). Solid security thread with demetalized text. 5-pointed star as registration device. One horizontal and one vertical 7-digit serial number on front, both having a single letter prefix, a single letter suffix and numerals of the same size.

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