Maldives 500 Rufiyaa Polymer Banknote 2015

Maldives 500 Rufiyaa Polymer Banknote 2015

Maldives 500 Rufiyaa Plastic banknotes

Maldives 500 Rufiyaa Polymer Banknote 2015

Obverse: Underprint of Kuribontaa pattern found on traditional hand weaved mats made out of hay (Thun’du kunaa); denomination as registration device; seated woman making ekels (Iloshi), traditionally used for brooms (Iloshi fathii); the act of wood carving, wood worker fashioning an intricate design using mallet and chisel; flower Spark ORBITAL patch.
Reverse (Vertical): Traditional hand carved vase with lacquer work detailing.
Colour of note: Orange - As orange is often associated with energy and creativity, the colours used in this note represents the artisan work of Maldivians.
The notes carry the signature of governor Dr Azeema Adam making it the first time in Maldives' history a woman had signed currency notes.

Face value: 500 Maldivian rufiyaa.
Theme: Ancestral craftsmanship.
Size: 150 x 70 mm.
Composition: Polymer.
Printer: De La Rue, London (England) - DLR.

Maldives New Family of Polymer Banknotes
Maldives Monetary Authority 2015 Issue (2016)
Maldives new currency series, called ”Ran dhiha faheh” (the golden five decades). “Ran dhiha faheh” currency series includes MVR 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and the brand new MVR 1000. The series also introduced MVR 5 as coins instead of the current cash note. The series was designed by local designer Abdulla Nashath.

  Maldives central bank said “Ran dhiha faheh” series is printed on polymer paper and are state-of-the-art, impossible to counterfeit. Maldives Monetary authority (MMA) also said each note has been given a distinct topic and a representative colour for ease of use. The series as a whole attempts to encapsulate all the innate factors that define our country, and our ancestral identity, MMA said.

10 Rufiyaa        20 Rufiyaa        50 Rufiyaa        100 Rufiyaa      

500 Rufiyaa         1000 Rufiyaa