Maldives 5 Rufiyaa Banknote 1998

Maldives 5 Rufiyaa Banknote
Maldives 5 Rufiyaa Banknote FISHING

Maldives 5 Rufiyaa Banknote 1998

Obverse: Illustration of a bunch of coconuts and the "Dhivehi Odi" is common on the front of all banknotes in circulation. The coconut is widely used in the Maldives. The "Dhivehi Odi" built of coconut timber was used for inter island transport."Dhivehi Odi" is also a reference to "Kalhu'oh'fummi" the ship used by Muhanmed Thakurufaanu and his brothers Ali and Hassan when they were fighting to liberate Maldives.
Reverse: FISHING; The means of sustenance of the nation since time immemorial.
Watermark: Arms.

First issued: 1983.
Format 70 mm x 150 mm.
Predominant colour: Violet.
Issued by Maldives Monetary Authority.
Printer: De la Rue, London.
Illustrations on the bank notes were done by Maizan Hassan Manik and Abbaas (Bamboo).

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