Portugal 100 Escudos banknote 1961 Pedro Nunes

Portugal Banknotes 100 Escudos banknote 1961 Pedro Nunes
Portugal money currency 100 Escudos banknote 1961 Fountain
Portugal Banknotes 100 Escudos banknote 1961 Pedro Nunes
Bank of Portugal - Banco de Portugal

Obverse: Portrait of Pedro Nunes (1502 – 1578) was a Portuguese mathematician, cosmographer, and professor. Coat of arms of Portugal at upper center.
Reverse: Fountain in the Royal cloister of the Batalha monastery or Monastery of St Mary of the Victor, Batalha, Portugal, 14-15th century. The original seal of Banco de Portugal at upper center.
Printer: Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co. Ltd., New Malden, Surrey England.
Watermark: Pedro Nunes.
Size: 142 x 83 mm
First Issue: 02 November 1954
Last Issue: 03 May 1961
Withdrawn from circulation: 31 December 1978.

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1958-1961 Issue

Pedro Nunes
Pedro Nunes, Latin Petrus Nonius (born 1502, Alc√°cer do Sal, Portugal - died August 11, 1578, Coimbra), mathematician, geographer, and the chief figure in Portuguese nautical science, noted for his studies of the Earth, including the oceans.
Nunes was professor of mathematics at Lisbon and Coimbra and became royal cosmographer in 1529, when Spain was disputing the position of the Spice Islands and maps did not agree in their longitude. He devoted himself to such problems as well as to maps and map projections. He went to Spain in 1538 but returned to Portugal in 1544 to become a leading authority on the new discoveries of Spain and Portugal.