Gibraltar 20 Pounds banknote 1975 Queen Elizabeth II

Gibraltar Banknotes 20 Pounds banknote 1975 Queen Elizabeth II
Gibraltar money currency 20 Pounds banknote 1975 Parliament House
Gibraltar Banknotes 20 Pounds banknote 1975 Queen Elizabeth II
Issued by the Government of Gibraltar under Authority of the Currency Note Ordinance CAP 39

Obverse: A portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Rock of Gibraltar in small on the side and the castle and key of the Gibraltar crest. Dated 20 November 1975. Signature of Alistair Collings (as Financial and Development Secretary). Solid security thread. Two horizontal 6-digit serial numbers with single-letter prefix and numerals of the same size.
Reverse: The House of Assembly - Parliament House of Gibraltar, which is the main building of the Piazza area of Main Street in Gibraltar.
Watermark: Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.
Original size: 160 x 90 mm.
Printer: Thomas De La Rue & Company Limited, London England.

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1975-1988 Issue

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Gibraltar House of Assembly
The Gibraltar House of Assembly Building overlooks Main Street and John Mackintosh Square (colloquially The Piazza). It was constructed in 1817 and previously served as the Exchange and Commercial Library. In 1951, the building was refurbished to host the Legislative Council.
Under the 1969 Constitution, the House of Assembly was established, superseding the Legislative Council. The first session of the House of Assembly, was opened on 28 August 1969 by the then Governor Admiral Varyl Begg.