Argentina 5 Pesos banknote 1976 General Manuel Belgrano

Argentina Banknotes 5 Pesos banknote 1976 General Manuel Belgrano
Argentina money currency 5 Pesos banknote 1976 National Flag Memorial in Rosario - Monumento Nacional a la Bandera

Argentina Banknotes 5 Pesos banknote 1976 General Manuel Belgrano
Central Bank of Argentina - Banco Central de la República Argentina

Obverse: Portrait of General Manuel Belgrano, who designed the national flag and emerged as an outstanding figure in the fight for the Argentine Independence (1770–1820). Portrait of Manuel Belgrano by François-Casimir Carbonnier made during Belgrano's diplomatic mission to London.
Reverse: The National Flag Memorial (Monumento Nacional a la Bandera) in Rosario, Argentina. Coat of arms of Argentina at left.
Watermark: Coat of arms of Argentina.
Original Size: 155 x 76 mm
Printer: Casa de Moneda de la Nación, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Texts: Banco Central de la Republica Argentina; Cinco Pesos.

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Manuel Belgrano
Manuel Belgrano: As the Secretary of the Consulate, he fosters an economic reform plan, and, as a journalist, he advocates free trade and the end of trade monopoly.
   He engages in military action during the British Invasions (1806–1807), is appointed member of the First Government Council (1810), and commands the armed expedition to Paraguay to gain recognition for the authority in Buenos Aires. He later makes arrangements for the acknowledgement of the Guarani Independence.
   In 1812, he ordered the troops to pledge allegiance to the light blue and white flag. He fights against the royalist forces in the North. When the Tucumán Congress convenes (1816), he is again entrusted with the command of the army, which withstands the invaders' assault, thus facilitating San Martín's plan to attack Peru by sea. In spite of his deteriorated health, Belgrano takes personal action in favor of signing the San Lorenzo agreement (1819), preventing a confrontation between the provinces of Santa Fe and Buenos Aires.
   His true patriotism and personal commitment allow stating that "his contemporaries' dignified passions and generous aspirations were merged in Belgrano's noble soul."

The National Flag Memorial
The National Flag Memorial (Monumento Nacional a la Bandera) is located in Rosario, province of Santa Fe, overlooking the majestic Paraná River. Point-ended, it portrays an imaginary ship surfing the sea of eternity towards its grand destinations. Standing on the bow pedestal, "The Standard-Bearer Homeland" triumphantly advances with a cane in her hand serving as a flagpole to the Flag, whose pleats fall upon her body, while a Christian cross blesses her step, a sort of flagstaff to the Country. Architect Ángel Guido (1896–1960) was responsible for the project and helped by architect Alejandro Bustillo (1889–1982). The various sculptures making up the Monument are the work of sculptors Alfredo Bigatti (1898–1964), José Fioravanti (1896–1977), and Eduardo Barnes (1901–77). The “Standard-Bearer Homeland" belongs to Alfredo Bigatti.