Netherlands 250 Gulden Banknote 1985 Lighthouse

Netherlands Banknotes 250 Gulden Banknote 1985 Lighthouse
Dutch Guilder Banknotes 250 Gulden Bank note 1985 Lighthouse

Netherlands Banknotes 250 Gulden Banknote 1985 Lighthouse
The Dutch Bank - De Nederlandsche Bank

Obverse: West Schouwen Lighthouse (Admiralty List of Lights B0500)
Reverse: Dutch landscape with lighthouse and topographic and contour maps of the Netherlands.

Date of signature: 25 July 1985
Date of issue: 7 January 1986
Withdrawn from circulation: between 1 January 2002 and 28 January 2002
Final date for exchange: 1 January 2032
Printed by Joh Enschede En Zonen - Private company - printer of security documents, stamps and banknotes based in Haarlem, Netherlands. The company is a certified Euro banknotes printer, and produces euro notes for five EU countries. Joh Enschede En Zonen prints stamps for more than sixty countries.

Banknotes of the Dutch guilder
1977-1985 Issue

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