Germany DDR 20 Mark banknote 1975

Germany Banknotes DDR 20 Mark banknote 1975 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
German Democratic Republic Banknotes 20 Mark banknote 1975
Germany Banknotes DDR 20 Mark banknote 1975
State Bank of the GDR - Staatsbank der DDR

Obverse: Portrait of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), German writer and statesman & National Emblem of the GDR at upper left.
Reverse: Several young children exiting a modern school building, meant to emphasize the importance of education in the GDR & the National Emblem of the German Democratic Republic at left.
Watermark: portrait of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
Size : 128 x 56 mm.
Printer: VEB Wertpapierdruckerei der DDR, Leipzig. 

German Democratic Republic Mark Banknotes
1971-1985 Issue
Upon adoption of the deutsche Mark in East Germany on 1 July 1990, the East German mark was converted at par for wages, prices and basic savings (up to a limit of 4000 Mark per person, except a smaller number for children and a larger number for pensioners). Larger amounts of savings, company debts and housing loans were converted at a 2:1 rate whilst so-called "speculative money", acquired shortly before unification, was converted at a rate of 3:1. These inflated exchange rates were intended by the government of the Federal Republic of Germany as a massive subsidy for eastern Germany.

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