Finland 1 Finnish Markka banknote 1963

Banknotes of Finland 1 Finnish Markka banknote 1963
Finnish Markka
Banknotes of Finland 1 Finnish Markka banknote 1963
Bank of Finland - Suomen Pankki - Finlands Bank

Obverse: Wheat ears.
Reverse: Finnish heraldic lion from the Coat of arms of Finland at center.
Main colour: Brown and olive.
Work by: Tapio Wirkkala (1st and 2nd place, Bill Designing Competition of Bank of Finland 1947).
Signatures: As depicted: Aarre Simonen, Arthur Aspelund.
Date of Issue: 1963. Annulled: 1 January 1994. Redeemed until: 29 February 2012.
Issuer: Bank of Finland (Finnish: Suomen Pankki, Swedish: Finlands Bank).
Printer: Bank of Finland Security Printing House.

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1963 Issue

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