Ottoman Empire 100 Kuruş banknote 1877

Turkey banknotes Ottoman Empire 100 Kuruş bank note 1877

Turkish banknotes 100 Kuruş banknote 1877 Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Empire 100 Kuruş banknote 1877
 Imperial Ottoman Bank  - La Banque Impériale Ottomane
round handstamp with AH1294 and box 1877 handstamp on back - "Seal of Galip on Back"

Kuruş (derived from the French gros, German Groschen and Hungarian Garas; Ottoman Turkish: قروش gurûş) is a Turkish currency subunit. Since 2005, one Turkish lira is equal to 100 kuruş. The kuruş was also the standard unit of currency in the Ottoman Empire until 1844, and from that date until the late 1970s was a subdivision of the former lira. It was subdivided into 40 para (پاره), each of 3 akçe. In European languages, the kuruş was often referred to as the piastre, derived from the Italian word piastra.