Kyrgyzstan currency 50 Som banknote 2009

Kyrgyzstan currency 50 Som banknote
Kyrgyzstan Banknotes 50 Som bank note
Kyrgyzstan currency 50 Som banknote 2009 National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic

The banknote 50 Som series of 2009 year is made on white paper of 126x61 mm. The main color of the banknote is orange. The colorless luminescent in UV-light fibers are embedded in the paper. The paper has the local watermark repeating the portrait at the front of the banknote and the electrotyped watermark representing the denomination in figures. The windowed metallic security thread with the microtext "50 SOM" is embedded in the paper. The white coupon fields are located along the edges of the banknote. The portrait, the inscriptions "КЫРГЫЗ БАНКЫ", "ЭЛЪЪ CОМ","100", the signature of the NBKR Chairman at the front side of the banknote are made with raised printing.

At the top of the front side of the banknote: there are the inscription "КЫРГЫЗ БАНКЫ", the signature of the Chairman of NBKR, the serial number of the banknote printing in red ink. There is the see-through register formed the name of currency - «сом» on the white coupon field of watermark.
There are the portrait of outstanding statesmen of the Kyrgyz people – Kurmanjan Datka widely known under the name "Alain Tsaritsa" and the inscription "KURMANJAN DATKA 1811-1907" on the left side of the banknote. The portrait is made with many times repeating inscription "Kurmanjan Datka" in microletters visible with magnifying glass. There is a repeating inscription "КЫРГЫЗ БАНКЫ" visible with magnifying glass in the lines on the right side of the portrait.
There is a tower of the Uzgen architectural complex. There is the inscription "ЭЛЪЪ СОМ" under the portrait. The denomination figures "50" are situated at the upper left corner and at the lower right corner of the banknote. There is a yellow rectangle containing the relief image of the national ornament at the lower right part. The figures «50» appears in rectangle covered with ornament while the banknote is tilted. There is the serial number printed in black ink at the lower right corner.

At the top of the back side of the banknote: there are the inscription "КЫРГЫЗ БАНКЫ" and the denomination figures "50". At the centre of the banknote: there is the image of the Uzgen architectural complex, one of the ancient structures of the Great Silk Road in Kyrgyzstan. The main design image consists of stylized microimages of plants. Each architectural construction at the banknotes of new series is situated at the background of the beautiful peaks of Kyrgyzstan. This is signify that the persons situated on the banknotes are reached a summit in the own area – literature, music, cinematograph, painting. There is the iridescent stripe represents as repeating figures «50» and the inscription «КЫРГЫЗ БАНКЫ» situated in the centre of the banknote. There are the denomination figures "50", the inscription "ЭЛЪЪ СОМ" and the year of issue "2009" at the bottom of the banknote. 

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