Kuwait 1 Dinar banknote 2014

Kuwait New Banknotes 1 Dinar bank note 2014
Kuwait money currency 1 Dinar banknote 2014
Kuwait New Banknotes 1 Dinar bank note 2014 Central Bank of Kuwait

Obverse: State Emblem of Kuwait and vignette of the Grand Mosque.
Reverse: Vignette of a Real-Life Illustration of Many Influences of Ancient Greek Civilization in Kuwait’s Island of Failaka.
Dimensions: 130 mm x 68 mm
Dominant Colour: Grey

Kuwait’s History and Islam; A superb illustration of the Grand Mosque, the largest mosque in the country as well as a symbol of Kuwait’s Islamic identity, is portrayed on the banknote’s front. The backside of the banknote displays a real-life illustration of an ionic column, one of the many influences of ancient Greek civilization that swept across and settled in Kuwait’s island of Failaka.

OVI (Optical Variable Ink): When tilted, waves shape changes colour (front only).
Spectrum: When tilted, you will see circles in the solid art print (front only).
Watermark: Hold the Banknote up to the light and you will see the falcon watermark with brighter value of the banknote.
Thread: Tilt the Banknote and you will see the security thread changes colour (back only).
See-through: Hold the Banknote up to the light and you will see the incomplete shapes that combine to form the banknote value.
Raised Ink: Feel the raised ink of the numeral on the front and the back of the banknote. In addition, you can feel the raised ink of the visually impaired symbols.
Ultra Violet: Under a UV lamp, fluorescent elements became visible.

Kuwait banknotes - Kuwait paper money
Sixth Issue

The Sixth Issue of the Kuwaiti Currency was unveiled at a celebration event on May 19, 2014, and was released into circulation on June 29, 2014. The sixth issue of the Kuwaiti Dinar banknotes employs a clear and elegant structure throughout the entire series, using visual representations of nationally significant elements and economic accomplishments that are all grounded on one unified background that is of the Kuwaiti flag. The banknotes feature iconic and culturally significant buildings on the front while the backside illustrates Kuwait’s accomplishments and economic milestones throughout history. The new banknotes were also designed with the visually impaired in mind. The banknotes’ values are larger in size and the raised print aids the visually impaired in distinguishing each banknote from the other.
The sixth issue of the Kuwaiti Dinar banknotes includes the most advanced security measures such as innovative printing processes, color changing features and visual elements that become visible upon tilting the banknote.

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