Jordan 20 Dinars banknote 2002

Jordan Currency money 20 Dinars banknote 2002 King Hussein Bin Talal
Jordan banknotes 20 Dinars bank note 2002 Dome of the Rock Jerusalem
Currency of Jordan 20 Dinars banknote 2002 Central Bank of Jordan

Obverse: Engraved portrait of His Late Majesty King Hussein Bin Talal & His Late Majesty King Abdullah Mosque.
- Signature of the Governor of the Central Bank of Jordan, H.E. Dr. Umayya Toukan.
- Signature of the Minister of Finance, H.E Dr. Michel Marto.
- Serial Numbers: horizontal on the left and vertical on the right.
Reverse: Dome of the Rock-Jerusalem.
Year of Issue, Hijri 1423, Gregorian 2002 in Arabic and in English.
Dimensions: 145 mm x 74 mm
Issue Date : 2.2.2003

Jordan banknotes - Jordan paper money
Fourth Issue of the Central Bank of Jordan
2002-2014 Issue

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