Half Kuwaiti Dinar banknote 1994

Kuwait money Half Kuwaiti Dinar banknote 1994
Kuwait Currency Half Kuwaiti Dinar banknote 1994
Kuwait Currency Half Kuwaiti Dinar banknote 1994 Central Bank of Kuwait

Obverse: State Emblem of Kuwait, Vignette of Kuwaiti Money Changers' Stalls & Vignette of a Kuwaiti Coffee Pot
Reverse: Vignette of young boys playing traditional game with marbles.
Dimensions: 120 mm x 68 mm
Dominant Colour: Green

Watermark: It depicts the Head of a Falcon when the banknote is held up against a source of light.
Security Thread: A shiny silver metallic thread that appears as a series of vertical disconnected dashes at the front. When the banknote is held against light, the thread appears as a solid line.
Microlettering: A micro-text line in which the title of 'Central Bank of Kuwait' is repeated in Arabic at the front, and in English at the back of the banknote.
Latent Image: Vignette of a Kuwaiti Coffee Pot is used as supporting ornament to carry the latent image which represents the Value Numeral "1/2". It becomes visible when the note is held up to the light and is tilted up and down at an acute angle at eye level.

One interesting aspect to the notes of this issue is the inclusion of the words ‘We seek God’s Assistance’ above the title of the issuing authority in Arabic on the front and English on the back of the notes. It is to be supposed that this inclusion may be due to the upheaval and distress caused by the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq.

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Fifth Issue

The Fifth Issue of the Kuwaiti Currency was placed into circulation effective Sunday, April 3, 1994. It is the current circulating currency, alongside to the Sixth Issue, in the State of Kuwait and utilizes high-level technology utilizing technical features and security developments realized by the bank note printing industry.

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