Estonia 25 Krooni banknote 2007

Estonia currency money 25 krooni banknote, Anton Hansen Tammsaare
Estonia banknotes 25 krooni note Farm
Currency of Estonia 25 krooni banknote 2007
Bank of Estonia - Eesti Pank

Obverse: The front side of the banknote features ANTON HANSEN TAMMSAARE (1878–1940), one of the most outstanding representatives of 20th-century Estonian
critical realism. Some of the best examples of his work are the psychological play “Judith”, the novels “Master of Kõrboja”, "Life and Love", "I Loved a German Girl", the allegorical "The New Vanapagan of Põrgupõhja” and the famous five-part “Truth and Justice”. Tammsaare has found an eternal place in his readers' hearts due to his original language, as well as his line of thought full of paradoxes and unconventional characters living simultaneously in their own time and in eternity. All that makes his work special and attractive to readers of different times. To the right of the portrait, a portion of a boggy landscape is displayed. Signatures: Governor Andres Lipstok, Chairman of the Board Mart Sõrg.
Reverse: The back side of the banknote depicts a view of the North Tammsaare Farm at Vargamäe where Anton Hansen Tammsaare was born. The first few decades of Tammsaare's life were closely connected with his birthplace. Today, the complex is a museum open to the public. In 1978, in order to commemorate the 100th birthday of the writer, a set of reconstructed buildings were opened. The barn dwelling was built in 1870 and it has a typical NorthEstonian ground plan. In the middle, we get a glimpse of the living quarters built in 1933, on the right, there is a barn.

Right-hand side: a watermark depicting the portrait of A. H. Tammsaare can be seen when the banknote is held against the light.

In 2007, an additional series of 25-kroon banknotes was printed by the German printing house Giesecke & Devrient GmbH (The 25-kroon banknotes were printed in 1991 and 1992 by the British printing house Thomas De La Rue and Company Ltd.). The new series was put into circulation in June 2008. The main colour, design and security elements are the same as on the 2002 banknotes. One difference is that the UV fluorescent rectangle on the back side is placed on the right side (it was in the middle on the 2002 series). The Governor’s signature (Andres Lipstok) and the year (2007) on the front side are also different.

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