Bahrain Half Dinar banknote 1965

Bahrain banknotes Half Dinar bank note 1965 Bahrain Currency Board
Bahrain Currency Half Dinar banknote 1967 ships
Currency of Bahrain Half Dinar banknote 1967 Bahrain Currency Board

Obverse: The front of each note contains the name of the Currency Board in Arabic at the top centre, the crest of the Ruler of Bahrain to the right, a sailing dhow to the left and a two beached dhows in the centre. The denominational values appear in each corner. The notes are signed by Shaikh Khlifah bin Sulman al Khalifah, Chairman of the Currency Board. All text on the front of the notes is in Arabic, while all text on the back of the notes is in English. The watermark on all notes is the head of a falcon (and is located to the left of the notes), while a solid security thread runs vertically through the notes to the right of centre.

Reverse: Modern Bahrain is again depicted on the back of the ½-dinar note with ships alongside the Mina Sulman Jetty. The waters around Bahrain are quite shallow and only ships with a shallow draft could pull alongside the Customs pier in northern Manama, which for many years was the principal point of access for vessels arriving in Bahrain. To allow access by larger vessels, the old Naval Pier near Jufair, in southern Manama, was extended during the 1950s and better port facilities were constructed. The new port, Mina Sulman, was named after the late Ruler.

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Bahrain Currency Board
 L. 1965 Issue

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