Lithuania 50 Lithuanian Litas banknote 2003 Dr. Jonas Basanavičius

50 Lithuanian Litas banknote
50 Lithuanian Litas
Currency of Lithuania 50 Lithuanian Litas banknote 2003
Bank of Lithuania - Lietuvos Bankas

The obverse bears a portrait of the national patriarch, scholar, statesman and signatory of Lithuania's Declaration of Independence of February 16, 1918, Dr. Jonas Basanavičius (1851–1927). Sometimes he is nicknamed as "father of independence" as he was the chairman of Council of Lithuania when the declaration was signed.

The back of the banknote depicted Vilnius Cathedral and its belfry, Monument to Grand Duke Gediminas, Gediminas Castle and the Hill of Three Crosses. All these objects are considered as the heart of Vilnius and are strong national symbols.

The 50 litų banknote released in 1928 also features Basanavičius and Vilnius Cathedral. It makes this banknote the only one that closely represents a banknote released in the interwar Lithuania.

The 1991 release faced the same destiny as 10 and 20 litų banknotes. They were released for a very short time. The 1993 release was designed by Ray Bartkus. At first the reverse depicted only Vilnius Cathedral and indistinctive houses of Vilnius Old Town. In 1998 release, however, the view of the cathedral shifted to include the other monuments. The 2003 issue was the last banknote added to the banknote family. Despite that, the view featured on the banknote appeared outdated as it failed to display the Royal Palace, which was under construction when banknote was released.

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