Israel 50 Israeli Pounds banknote 1968

Israel Banknotes 50 Israeli Pounds 1968 Chaim Weizmann
Israel Banknotes 50 Israeli Pounds 1968 Knesset Building in Jerusalem

Israel Banknotes 50 Israeli Pounds 1968 Bank of Israel

Obverse: Portrait of Chaim Weizmann the denomination "Fifty Israeli Pounds" and "Bank of Israel" in Hebrew.​
Reverse: Knesset Building in Jerusalem; "Bank of Israel" in Hebrew, English and Arabic.​
Watermark:​ Profile of Ch. Weizmann.​
Security thread:​ On the right-hand side of the note.​
Colour of numbering:​ Black. Blue (October 1976).
Signatures:​ Governor of the Bank David Horowitz; Chairman of the Advisory Council Y. Chorin.​
Design:​ Prof. Masino Besi and Prof. M. Baiardi, Italy.​
​​Size: 170 X 85 mm.​
Dominant colour: Brown-red.​
Year:​ 1968.​
Date of issue: January 13, 1972.​
Ceased to be legal tender:​ March 31, 1984.​

Israel Banknotes - Israel Paper Money
Third Series of the Israeli Pound
1968 Issue

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