Transnistria 5 Transnistrian Ruble banknote 2007 Alexander Suvorov, Generalissimo of the Russian Empire

5 Transnistrian ruble banknote Suvorov
Transnistria banknotes 5 Transnistrian ruble
Currency of Transnistria 5 Transnistrian ruble banknote 2007 
Transnistrian Republican Bank

Obverse: Portrait of Alexander Suvorov, Generalissimo of the Russian Empire.
Reverse: KVINT Distillery Administrative Building.
Dimensions: 129 x 56 mm.
Predominant color: deep-blue and turquoise, shades of pink and light-green at the center.
Issued in 2000.

Transnistrian paper money - Banknotes of Transnistria
2000-2015 Issue

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Kvint (short for: Kon’iaki, vina i napitki Tiraspol’ia) is a wine- and brandy distillery based in Tiraspol, the administrative center of Transnistria (Moldova). Locals consider Kvint a national symbol. Founded in 1897, the company is the oldest still-operating commercial enterprise in the region. Its annual production is approximately ten million liters of alcoholic drinks. The company also makes wines and vodkas. It is one of Transnistria's largest exporters. Visitors to its factory can sign up for daily tours which end with a product taste sampling. The factory is one of only few enterprises in the former Soviet Union which can assure a kosher production process.