Poland 5 Zlotych banknote 1919

Polish Banknotes 5 Zloty Jozef Poniatowski
Poland banknotes 5 Zlotych 1919
Poland 5 Zlotych banknote 1919 Bank Polski

Obverse: Portrait of Prince Marshal of the Empire Jozef Antoni Poniatowski.
Reverse: Ornamental drawing and White Eagle (Coat of arms of Poland) at left.

Signatures: Polish Bank Directorate - Dyrekcja Banku Polskiego - Stanisław Karpiński, Zygmunt Chamiec.
Dimensions: 115 x 69 - 125 x 80 mm.
Date of Issue: February 28, 1919.
In circulation from April 28, 1924 to September 30, 1925.
Printing: Banque de France, Paris.
Author: cutting boards woodcut engraving made in the workshop of prof. Eugene Gaspe (Gasperini) in Paris

Banknotes of Poland
1919 (1924) Issue

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Prince Marshal of the Empire Józef Antoni Poniatowski,  (born May 7, 1763, Vienna - died Oct. 19, 1813, Leipzig), Polish patriot and military hero, who became a marshal of France.

Initially an officer in the Austrian army, Poniatowski was transferred to the Polish army in 1789 at the request of his uncle, King Stanisław II August Poniatowski of Poland. He distinguished himself against the Russians in 1792 and took part in Tadeusz Kościuszko’s anti-Russian revolt in 1794. Poniatowski retired in 1795, after the Third Partition of Poland, but he was named commander in chief of the Duchy of Warsaw by Napoleon in 1807. He led a Polish corps in Napoleon’s Russian campaign of 1812 and during the Battle of Leipzig (Oct. 16–19, 1813) was made a marshal of France. On the last day of the battle the wounded marshal died in an attempt to cross the Elster River on horseback.