Saudi Arabia 10 Riyal Note 1953 Pilgrims Receipt

Saudi Arabia banknotes 10 Riyal Note 1953 Haj Pilgrim Receipt
Pilgrims' Receipt Ten-Riyals Denomination: The first issue, 1372 H., during of King  Abdul Aziz.
Saudi Arabia money currency 10 Riyals note Pilgrims
Saudi Arabia banknotes 10 Riyals note Pilgrims' Receipts 1953 Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency

Obverse: The value of the receipt is given in the four corners. In the middle is the Kingdom's, emblem with the following writing to its right: "This receipt was issued by the Monetary Agency to facilitate pilgrimage for its bearer, and to make the Arabian riyals at his disposal, easily and quickly, during his stay in the country without paying the costs of exchange. To the left of the emblem appear the following writings: "We certify that the (Monetary) Agency holds in its vaults in Jeddah the  sum of ten Arab riyals at the disposal of the bearer of this receipt. It is fully negotiable, and its value will immediately be paid upon presentation to any centre of the Agency." Under that appear the number and date of issue, 1372 H., and the signatures of the Governor, his deputy and the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors. The face also includes the value of the receipt in different languages: Arabic, Turkish, Urdu, Persian, Malay and English, at the bottom.

Reverse: A rectangle shows an undertaking by SAMA in Arabic, Urdu, Persian, Malay, Turkish and English, as well as the serial number

Size of the Note: 138 × 66 mm.  Main Color of the Note: Green.

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Pilgrims' Receipts AH 1372-1375 (1953-1956)

The first Pilgrims' Receipt, a ten-riyal denomination, was issued on 18.1 1.1372 A.H. (A.D.) It was reprinted in another form and put into circulation on 15.9.1372 A.H. (17.5.19. The five-riyal-denomination was added on 16.10.1373 A.H. (14.6.1954 A.D.) and the one riyal denomination on 13.1 1 .I375 A.H. (21.6.1956 A.D.). All of them were withdrawn from circulation on 30.9.1384 A.H. (1.2.1965 A.D.).

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