Qatar and Dubai Currency Board 1 Riyal Note 1960

Qatar and Dubai Currency banknotes one Riyal note 1960
Qatar and Dubai One Riyal
Qatar & Dubai banknotes 1 Riyal bank note 1960 
Qatar and Dubai Currency Board

Obverse: Vignette of a dhow, oil rig and palm trees enclosed in a circle to the left, while to the right is a circle, of the same size as that surrounding the vignette, which holds a plain area suited for viewing the watermark. The watermark for each denomination is a falcon's head, and a solid security thread runs vertically through the notes at left of centre. The text on the face of the notes is written in Arabic and is split into four areas. In a panel at the top of the notes is the title of the issuing authority: 'The Qatar and Dubai Currency Board'. In the centre of the note is the value of the note in words, under which appears the legal tender clause. Finally, at the lower centre is the signature, which is that of Khalifa Bin Hamad Al-Thani, and his designation, which is 'Chairman of the Currency Board'. (The signature is printed in black, while the designation is part of the plate printing.) The value of each denomination appears in small panels on each corner of the notes.

Reverse: On the reverse of each note the title of the Currency Board is written in English across the top of the note, with the denomination appearing in numerals in the centre and in the top two corners. Each reverse carries an ornamental boss (which is distinct between denominations) and patterned lines.

Qatar and Dubai banknotes
 Qatar & Dubai Currency Board ND (1960's) Issue

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