Qatar 500 Riyals banknote 1996

Qatar banknotes 500 Riyals note 1996
Qatar currency 500 Qatari riyals banknote 1996 Oil rig

Qatar 500 Riyals banknote 1996 Qatar Central Bank

Obverse: The notes issued by The Qatar Monetary Agency carry a patterned front that always contains the State Crest of Qatar in a vignette to the right and a plain area for viewing the watermark to the left. In the top centre of each note is the title of the Qatar Monetary Agency, while immediately below is the denomination and the promissory clause, which are all written in Arabic. The promissory clause reads: ‘A bank note of guaranteed value according to law’. The denomination appears in each corner of the note in Arabic numerals. The notes are signed by Abdulaziz al-Thani, the Minister of Finance.
Reverse: Oil rig, around which is a pattern that also encloses the pale area reserved for viewing the watermark. The title of the issuing authority and the denomination are written in English, while the denomination appears several times in western numerals.

Banknotes of the Qatari riyal, issued by the Qatar Central Bank
 L. 1996 Issue

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