Katanga 20 Francs banknote 1960 Moise Tshombe

Katanga banknotes 20 Francs 1960 Moise Tshombe
Katanga paper money 20 Francs note 1960
Katanga 20 Francs Moise Tshombe banknote 1960, issued by the Central Bank of Katanga (Banque Nationale du Katanga)

Obverse: Portrait of Moise Tshombe (born Nov. 10, 1919, Musumba, Belgian Congo [now Democratic Republic of the Congo]—died June 29, 1969, Algiers, Algeria) - Congolese politician, president of the secessionist African state of Katanga, who took advantage of an armed mutiny to announce the secession of mineral-rich Katanga province in July 1960.
Reverse: National Assembly ("Bâtiment du 30 Juin"), Élisabethville (Lubumbashi) - capital of Katanga.

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Central Bank of Katanga - Banque Nationale du Katanga
1960 "Moise Tshombé" Issue

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