Ethiopia 5 Dollars banknote 1945 Emperor Haile Selassie

Ethiopia banknotes 5 Dollars note 1945 Emperor Haile Selassie
Ethiopia paper money 5 Dollars banknote 1945
Currency of Ethiopia 5 Dollars banknote 1945 State Bank of Ethiopia
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Obverse: Portrait in profile of Emperor Haile Selassie is at the left; Amharic text at the top of the notes indicates the issuing authority and the denomination, as well as numerals indicating the value of the note; and at the bottom the text is in English, also identifying the issuing authority. A vignette of a tree with beehives, enclosed within a design of flowers, leaves and bees. The underprint is lilac and the back of the note is orange.
Reverse: The emblem of Ethiopia, the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah (symbolizing the House of King Solomon).
Printer: Security Bank Note Company, United States.

Ethiopian banknotes - Ethiopian paper money
1945 Issue