Deutsch-Asiatische Bank 5 Taels banknote 1907

Deutsch Asiatische Bank 5 Taels banknote 1907
China Foreign Banks Duetsch Asiatische Bank 5 Taels banknote
China Foreign Banks Duetsch-Asiatische Bank 5 Taels banknote 1.3.1907 Peking Branch, P-S280r.

Obverse: Crowned bust of Germania holding a lance and shield emblazoned with the German eagle. In the upper left corner of the note is found an eagle of the Reich with the letters D.A.B. upon its breast. The lower left hand corner contains a frontal view of the imperial dragon. At the bottom center appears the name of the branch of issue in a large rectangle. The text on the front of the notes is in both German and Chinese, and on the reverse in English as well as Chinese.

Reverse: The back of the notes portray two Germanias facing each other. The text on the back of the notes is in both English and Chinese  “THE DEUTSCH-ASIATISCHE BANK promises to pay the bearer FIVE TAELS PEKING - CURRENCY at its office in Peking“.
Size: 125 x 187mm
Printed by the firm of Giesecke and Devrient in Leipzig.

Banknotes from German colony of Kiaochou in China
Deutsch-Asiatische Bank 1907 Issue

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