Belgian Congo 500 Francs banknote 1943

Belgian Congo 500 Francs Mangbetu woman
Belgian Congo 500 Francs Hunting Elephants

Belgian Congo 500 Francs banknote 1943
Bank of Belgian Congo - Banque du Congo Belge - Bank van Belgisch Congo

Obverse: Portrait of woman from the Mangbetu tribe of the Congo in Central Africa and flag of Congo Free State at lower center. The Mangbetu hairstyle is further developed to accentuate the shape of the head. After much of the hair is braided, a number of the strands are skillfully interwoven with straw to form a cylindrical design which is secured to the scalp with pins.
Reverse: Hunting Elephants in Africa.
Printer: American Bank Note Company, New York.

Belgian Congo banknotes - Belgian Congo paper money
1940-1952 Issue

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