Australian Five Pound note 1918

Australian five pound note
Australian five-pound note
Australian 5 Pounds
Australian 5 Pound Note 
Australian Five Pound note 1918, C.J. Cerutty / J.R. Collins, P-5c.

Obverse: The Coat of arms of the Commonwealth of Australia at left and Imperial State Crown at center. The note featured the words: "The Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia promises to pay the Bearer FIVE POUNDS in gold coin on Demand at the Commonwealth Treasury at the Seat of Government". The bottom centre of the notes carried the imprint "T.S. Harrison Australian Note Printer". Signatures: James R. Collins (Secretary of the Treasury) and C. J. Cerutty (Assistant Secretary of the Treasury).

Reverse: The Australian five pound note showed a scene of the Hawkesbury River (including Kangaroo Point and Sanitorium Hotel) near Brooklyn, New South Wales, from the railway toward Kangaroo Point. This town originally housed workers who built the Hawkesbury River Railway Bridge in 1889, then the longest such bridge in Australia. Around the turn of the century, the Hawkesbury area was also central to the expanding fishing and oyster cultivation industries.

Mr Thomas S Harrison, previously Manager of a London printing company, was appointed to the position of Australian Note Printer in May 1912. Printing works were set up by the Treasury at the King's (later Queen's) Warehouse, Flinders Street Extension, Melbourne.

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