Angola 1000 Angolares banknote 1944

Angola banknotes 1000 Angolares note 1944 King Joao II
1000 Angolares banknote 1944 Diogo Cao
Angola banknotes 1000 Angolares banknote 1944 Banco de Angola

Obverse: King John II of Portugal (Dom João II) at right, ornate design at centre, crowned arms at lower right, overprinted with black De La Rue specimen oval at lower right and specimen serial numbers.
Reverse: Return of Diogo Cao, 1489.

King John II (João II; 3 March 1455 – 25 October 1495), was the king of Portugal and the Algarves in 1477/1481–1495. He is known for re-establishing the power of the Portuguese throne, reinvigorating its economy, and renewing its exploration of Africa and the Orient.

Diogo Cão was a Portuguese explorer and one of the most notable navigators of the Age of Discovery, who made two voyages sailing along the west coast of Africa in the 1480s. He discovered and explored the Congo River and the coasts of the present-day Angola and Namibia.

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