100 Saudi Riyals banknote 1968

Saudi Arabia banknotes 100 Saudi Riyals note 1968
One Hundred Riyals Note:  Second Issue, circulated during the reign of King Faisal.
Saudi Arabia money currency 100 Saudi Riyals banknote 1968 Aramco Refinery
Saudi Arabia banknotes 100 Riyals, L. AH 1379 (1968)
 Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency. P-15a.

Obverse: Contains a picture of the Cabinet's office building and the Kingdom's emblem. At the top, appear the name of SAMA, the number and date of the Royal Decree by the virtue of which the note was issued, the name of King Faisal, the value of the note in Arabic. The security thread and the watermark are on the left side. In the lower half we see the serial number and the signatures of the Minister of Finance and the Governor. The King governs with the help of the Council of Ministers, also called the Cabinet.
Reverse: Contains a picture of the Aramco Refinery, the name of SAMA and the value of the note in English.
Size: 176 × 82 mm    Color: Red.

Saudi Arabia banknotes - Saudi Arabia paper money
L. AH1379 - ND (1968) Issue

By virtue of Royal Decree No. 6, of 11 71 1379 A.H., the 100, 50, 10, 5 and 1 riyal notes were issued and put into circulation on 151 1 11 1379 A.H. (131 31 1968 A.D.). They were withdrawn from circulation I on 1.7,1400 H., and they could be exchanged only at the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency and its branches.

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