Turkey 50 Turkish Lira banknote 1930

old Turkish banknotes 50 Lira note 1930 Atatürk
Fifty Turkish Lira
Turkish Lira banknotes 50 Turkish Lirasi banknote 1930

Turkey 50 Turkish Lira banknote 1930 Central Bank of Turkey

Obverse: A portrait of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the first president of Turkey
Reverse: Angora goats.

Signatures Selahattin ÇAM, Said ERDA
Dimensions 80x175 mm
Printer: Thomas De La Rue & Company Limited, London England.
Quantity printed    TL.77.500.000
Issue date                 01.04.1938
Date of withdrawal         02.06.1952
End of legal circulation 02.06.1953
End of redemption period 02.06.1962
Date of loss of value         03.06.1962

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