Spain 100 Pesetas banknote 1908

Spain banknotes 100 Pesetas note 1908
Spain paper money 100 Pesetas bill 1908
Spain 100 Pesetas banknote 1908 Banco de España

Obverse: Allegorical Female Figure at each side of the note.
Reverse:  Coat of arms of Spain (Pillars of Hercules version)

Size: 140 x 99 mm.
Printed by Bradbury Wilkinson and Company Limited using intaglio and lithographic processes. Quantity Printed: 60,000,000.

Spain Banknotes
1906-1908 Issue

25 Pesetas    50 Pesetas    100 Pesetas    500 Pesetas

Spanish Currency - 100 Pesetas

Coat of arms of Spain (Pillars of Hercules version)

Spanish Royal crown (Heraldic crown) - Crest & Top of supporter Or and precious stones, with eight rosettes, five visible, and eight pearls interspersed, closed at the top by eight diamonds also adorned with pearls and surmounted by a cross on a globe.

The Spanish coat of arms is composed of six other arms

Kingdom of Castile - 1st quarter Gules, a three towered castle Gold, masoned sable and ajouré azure.
Kingdom of León - 2nd quarter Argent, a lion rampant purpure (sometimes blazoned gules) crowned Gold, langued and armed gules.
Crown of Aragon - 3rd quarter Gold, four pallets gules.
Kingdom of Navarre - 4th quarter Gules, a cross, saltire and orle of chains linked together Gold, a centre point vert.
Kingdom of Granada - enté en point Argent, a pomegranate proper seeded gules, supported, sculpted and leafed in two leaves vert.