Malaya and British Borneo One Dollar Note 1953 Queen Elizabeth II

Malaya and British Borneo banknotes One Dollar Note 1953 Queen Elizabeth II
One Dollar Note
Malaya & British Borneo 1 Dollar note
Malaya & British Borneo $1 note issued in 1953
Malaya and British Borneo One Dollar Note 1953 Queen Elizabeth II
Malayan and British Borneo Board of Commissioners of Currency

Obverse: Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with the tiger head watermark Incorporated as a safeguard against forgery. This note was signed by W.C. Taylor.
Reverse: States emblems i.e. Sabah, Singapore, Federation of Malaya and Sarawak (top left to right); Johore, Malacca, Kedah, Perak, Pahang, Penang, Selangor, Terengganu, Perlis, Brunei, Negeri Sembilan and Kelantan (bottom left to right).
Watermark: Roaring lion

Malaya and British Borneo dollar
1953-1959 Issue - Queen Elizabeth II

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