Italy 5000 Lire banknote 1973 Christopher Columbus

Italy 5000 Lire banknote Christopher Columbus

Italy 5000 Lira note

Italy 5000 Lire banknote 1973 Christopher Columbus

Obverse: The new note, while retaining the bust of Christopher Columbus from its 1964 predecessor, differs in the addition of a sea horse emerging from the waters and, in the background, a 15th-century map by Paolo Dal Pozzo Toscanelli. The watermark, in place of the old portrait of Galileo, now has a three-quarters portrait of Giovanni da Verrazzano.
Reverse: Compared with the 1964 version, this one has three caravels in place of one, and instead of a single dolphin, two dolphins interwoven with an anchor.

Drawing: Lazzaro Lazzarini.
Dimensions: 141.5 x 70 mm. (including margins); coloured portion, 129.5 x 58 mm.
Paper: high-quality ivory-coloured, special pulp, watermark, metal security thread.
Characteristics: Copperplate and letterset.
Printer: Bank of Italy Printing Works.
No. notes authorized: 270,500,000.
Legislation: Ministerial Decree of 15 May 1971.

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