Italy 5000 Lire 1960

Italy 5000 Lire

Italy currency 5000 Lira note
Italy 5000 Lire banknote 12.5.1960. P-85cBanca D'Italia

Obverse: Overall blue-green colour. Imprinted with a fine yellow geometric design easily visible in the margin to the side of the cornice. In the centre of the note, a large oval formed by a floral festoon is joined at the ends to two smaller ovals, in watermark, encircled by free-style oak-leaf ornamentation in antique gold. In the lower part of the note, an allegorical group of Genoa and Venice, in green. The watermarks, in the two ovals not covered by the background ornamentation, have portraits of Dante and Virgil.
Reverse: An ornamental, geometric composition. In the central medallion, a copperplate female head, brownish-red in colour, representing Flora.

Drawing: Giovanni Capranesi.
Etching: Andrea Bianchi.
Dimensions: 233½ x 124½ mm. (including margins), printed portion, 205¾ x 109½ mm.
Paper: white, special pulp, watermark.
Characteristics: Letterpress and copperplate.
Printer: Bank of Italy Printing Works.
No. notes authorized: 240,000,000.
Legislation: Ministerial Decree of 16 January 1947; Ministerial Decree of 18 August 1947; Ministerial Decree of 25 October 1947.

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The allegorical group representing Genoa and Venice

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