Iran 100 Rials note 1938 Reza Shah Pahlavi

Iran 100 Rials bank note 1938 Reza Shah Pahlavi
Third series of 100 Rials banknote of Reza Shah era
Iran 100 Rials banknote 1938 Royal Yacht
Iran paper money 100 Rials banknote Royal Yacht
Banknotes of Iran: Third series of 100 Rials banknote of Reza Shah Pahlavi era 1938 - AH 1317 "Shah Reza Without Cap" Issue, Bank Melli Iran - National Bank of Iran.

Obverse: Portrait of Reza Shah Pahlavi without cap in military uniform on the right and his profile in the watermark area on the left. The image below the central building of the National Bank of Iran, all the scripts on the obverse are in Farsi. Date: March 1938.
Reverse: Imperial yacht and dhow in the Caspian sea, Imperial Emblem of Iran during Pahlavi Dynasty (Lion and Sun with the Kiani Crown) and the bas-reliefs of Persepolis. Value of the banknote in gold coin is noted as 1 Pahlavi.
Signatures: Abdolhossein Hajir as the inspector of the government in the National bank of Iran on the left side and Rezagholi Amir Khosravi as the General director of the national bank on the right side.

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Bank Melli Iran - National Bank of Iran - Banque MelliƩ Iran
 "Shah Reza Without Cap" SH 1317 - 1938 Issue

Banknotes of the third series were first published in March 1936. Unlike the previous series, date of publication were printed on the front side of the banknote and the portrait of Shah Reza Pahlavi was without his cap. On the large denominations of banknotes of the third series, the equality of the banknote with Pahlavi gold coins were mentioned.

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